Who We Are

The Diverse City Fund is a collective of three main groups (our Board of Instigators, Grantmaking Teams and Staff) that together help drive our mission, accomplish our goals and practice community-based philanthropy.

Meet our people…

Board of Instigators

The Board of Instigators (BOI) is a group of volunteer activists, organizers, and DC area residents who commit to multi-year terms. Collectively, they are responsible for steering our strategic planning, participating in the broader philanthropic community, fundraising, and the designing our grant programs. Click photo for bio.

Rubie Coles
Instigator since 2017
Sujata Bhat
Instigator since 2017
Sheri Brady
Instigator since 2015
Jordan Curry Carter
Instigator since 2020
Richael Faithful
Instigator since 2020
Nkechi Feaster
Instigator since 2020
Julian Forth
Instigator since 2021
Farah Fosse
Instigator since 2017
Cathy Meals
Instigator since 2011
Brigette Rouson
Instigator since 2011
Beth Sadler
Instigator since 2021
Jane Thompson
Instigator since 2017
Diana E. Alonzo Watkins
Instigator since 2020


DC Fund Staff members primarily facilitate our daily operations, grants management and provide capacity building and professional development support to our grantees. Click photo for bio.

Tamira Benitez
Executive Director

Grantmaking Teams

The Grantmaking Teams are made up of local activists and organizers, all of whom identify as people of color. These individuals receive stipends to cooperatively review and choose our grant recipients.

  • I-Ra Abubaker
  • Diana E. Alonzo Watkins
  • Travis Ballie
  • Kia Chatmon
  • Sherri Davis
  • Nkechi Feaster
  • Dawnn Leary
  • Manon Matchett
  • Kristi Matthews,
  • L. Miller
  • Charnal Moody
  • Perry Reed
  • Maite Rubio
  • Roberto Tijerina
  • Facilitators: Ericka Taylor & AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez
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