Our virtual Grantee Forums ask current and past grantees to share their expertise on specific topics. We archive these gatherings as resources on issues DC communities face, their efforts, and solutions that may inspire those beyond our city.


2020 Impact and Assessment Report

We conducted our first endeavor in capturing and assessing our work. This report summarizes our findings and considerations of how to continue to strengthen our structure and model.


The Diverse City Fund is part of a larger movement dedicated to redistributing wealth and resources through community-led and participatory grantmaking and increasing knowledge about grassroots work.


To learn more about other community-led grantmaking models for social justice from which we draw inspiration, check out these groups:

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  6. Haymarket People’s Fund (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont)
  7. Hawai’i People’s Fund (Hawai’i)
  8. Liberty Hill Foundation (Los Angeles, California)
  1. Headwaters Foundation for Justice (Minnesota)
  2. Maine Initiatives (Maine)
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  7. Trans Justice Funding Pro
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