How we Make Change

how we make change

The Diverse City Fund supports changemakers, movement builders and community organizers of color by thoughtfully practicing community-led grantmaking, offering capacity building support to grantees and creating networking and learning opportunities for our communities.

We practice collective decision making amongst a diverse group of people to create more democratic processes and outcomes. This is accomplished through the structure of our organization that includes various opportunities for people who are not traditionally involved in philanthropy to share their time and expertise towards helping the DC Fund make its impact. These are the groups that make up our community:

board of instigators (boi):

This group of up to 15 volunteers is made up of local activists and residents, 50% or more who identify as people of color. The BOI strives to reflect the diversity of our city and is mainly responsible for creating the strategy, trajectory and overall management of the DC Fund.

Grantmaking teams:

A rotating group of local activists and residents who apply to participate, and receive a stipend, to collectively review applications and award grants. 100% of team members identify as people of color, and some are concurrently BOI members. Additionally, the group shares their findings and feedback with the BOI to inform organizational growth.


Grassroots projects, organizations and coalitions that receive DC Fund grants, capacity building support, and participate in networking opportunities. The leadership of each group identifies as people of color, and can express interest in joining a Grantmaking Team, committee, or the BOI. Additionally, grantees provide guidance and feedback to inform organizational growth.


The DC Fund’s staff members work closely with all the other groups to carry out the DC Fund’s daily operations and provide grantees with capacity building support.

Donors & foundations:

These are the individuals and groups that provide the DC Fund with the capital that makes our grantmaking possible. Some are also partners dedicated to working with the DC Fund to create models of giving that include impacted people in decision-making through the co-creation of learning opportunities and new funding endeavors.