How To Apply

before you apply

  1. TAKE our eligibility quiz! We’ve updated our programs and eligibility criteria, and have created this quiz that will direct you to the application that best fits your group/organization.
  2. REVIEW our revised WHAT WE FUND page to make sure your group is eligible and your work aligns with our funding priorities.
  3. ATTEND an Info Session. Info sessions for the Fall 2024 Grant, in English and Spanish, will be held in a mix of both virtual sessions through Zoom and in person at the following times with members of the DC Fund Board and Staff. Sign-up at the links below. If you need interpretation services during any of the info-sessions, reach out to us at *Note: masks are required at in-person sessions – we will have extras on hand if you don’t have one!
    1. Info Session #1: Thursday, August 15, 7-8:30 PM, Zoom
    2. Info Session #2: Wednesday, August 21, 7-8:30 PM, Zoom
    3. Info Session #3: Saturday, August 31, 12-1:30 PM, MLK Library
    4. Info Session #4: Monday, September 10, 7-8:30 PM, Zoom
  4. LEARN MORE about root cause and systems change work at our webinar hosted by Two Brown Girls on Wednesday, September 4 at 6:30 PM. The webinar clarifies what we mean when we say, “We fund groups and organizations that address racial injustice by tackling the root causes of issues in DC.” Sign up here!
  5. REACH OUT for one-on-one assistance with your application after you attend an info-session if you still have questions or need support.

tools for applying

tips for applying

  • START EARLY – register and create your organization’s account as early as possible to make sure you don’t run into any technical issues and have time to familiarize yourself with the application. Unlike past rounds, the application does not need to be completed at one time. However, we do advise you to work on your application in a separate document so you can save and edit your responses.

  • RETURN HOME – even technology isn’t perfect! If you get an error message while completing any part of the application, just try returning to the homepage and try again.

  • CONSIDER VIDEO – the application gives the option to submit a video response to certain project narrative questions. Video responses will be given the same weight as written responses in the grantmaking decisions, so feel free to pick the method that helps you tell your story best.

  • REACH OUT – if you need any assistance with the application or accessibility support, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at We are happy to virtually walk through the application process with you.

Ready to apply?

Applications open Friday, August 16, 2024 and are due by 11:59 pm on Friday, September 20, 2024.