meet our grantees

Through our Spring 2024 General Grant Program, we invested $646,000 in 64 groups, coalitions, and organizations, leading grassroots community-led projects engaging communities in mobilizing, advocacy & organizing, and healing justice.



The Afro Latino Institute is supporting the struggle for racial, social and Economic Justice through organizing processes, dialogue and Action by engaging and educating communities. ($4,000)

Alejaibra’s House exists to address the profound impact of systemic oppression on the mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of disadvantaged black and brown individuals. ($4,000)

The AYA Art Collective is focused on uplifting the art of Black queer and Trans artists, following the charge of our ancestor Toni Cade Bambara, that the role of the artist is to make revolution irresistible. ($4,000)

The Campaign to Reduce Lead Exposure & Asthma is engaging residents on the impacts of environmental injustice, and linking our efforts in DC with the larger movements fighting for environmental and climate justice. ($10,000)

Cease Fire Don’t Smoke the Brothers & Sisters is a grassroots organization fighting for ex-prisoners and at-risk youth, ensure that all DC residents are treated fairly. ($8,000)

Chinatown Art Studio is expanding possibilities for the rising generation of Chinatown youth, and building Chinatown community power through visual arts-based engagement and interventions. ($9,000)

Concentric Community Care fosters communities rooted in reproductive and birthing justice through advocacy and coalition building with the ultimate goal of decreasing the maternal mortality rate. ($9,000)

DC Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression organizes for the passage of legislation to establish an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council that holds police officers accountable for crimes. ($10,000)

DC LGBTQ+ Budget Coalition advocates for dedicated funding that supports LGBTQ+ residents with a focus on trans people of color and low-income residents. ($10,000)

DecrimPovertyDC is a grassroots coalition and campaign aiming to replace carceral systems with harm reduction-oriented systems of care that promote the dignity, autonomy, and health of people who use drugs, sex workers, and other criminalized populations. ($10,000)

The Dunbar Education Fund Foundation is a volunteer-led organization created to advance Dunbar High School’s redesign efforts to remedy the root causes of institutionalized racism within schools. ($5,000)

Good Ground Good Life works with youth around issues of education, violence prevention & intervention, bringing attention to policies that have historically marginalized urban youth.($10,000)

Good Trouble Cooperative formed in August 2020 out of the Black abolitionist movement in D.C. with the aim to stop and reverse gentrification and protect housing rights in Columbia Heights. ($10,000)

Green New Deal for DC believes in community-led and resilience-centered solutions to our city’s most pressing issues; as the climate crisis worsens, we do everything in our power to keep DC safe, livable, prosperous, and just. ($10,000)

I SAW DC! engages in community-based youth led, inter-generational field investigations and research to provoke analysis, critical thought, and more urgently advocate for social change. ($4,000)

Incapable Bondage T.H.R.I.V.E.‘s vision is to create a world where trauma survivors have access to comprehensive and holistic support, encompassing mental, emotional, financial, and physical resources. ($10,000)

Libereaders is a Black and radical mutual aid library engaging in political education. ($4,000)

Liminal Grace uses yoga and mindfulness to hold space for learning, breathing, moving and reflecting for folks fighting against capitalism and surviving its systems. ($8,000)

Madre Tierra supports immigrant Latina and indigenous women through organizing, community building, and healing justice. ($9,000)

Majani Project introduces Black youth and adults to genealogy as a way to help develop self-esteem and resilience, grounding our youth and focusing them on a brighter future. ($10,000)

Melanin Uprising is an organizing group born our of the Movement for Back Lives on a mission to create a safe, positive healing environment for Black youth between the ages of 15-22. ($5,000)

Mount Zion – Female Union Band Society Historic Memorial Park is working to protect one of the oldest Black cemeteries in DC. ($10,000)

National African American Neighborhoods Homeowners and Tenants Advocate is fighting the displacement of long term Black DC residents. ($5,000)

Nyame Kua Farms is a Black-led food justice collective dedicated to providing locally grown nutrient-dense food, agricultural education, and transparent connections to food sources and the food industry. ($7,000)

One Love=True Change is a movement of families & educators, activists & artivists, farmers & healers, rooted in Black-Indigenous-Earth consciousness, and active in our mission to spread love, compassion, and justice among our communities. ($4,000)

People Power Action aims to address the ways in which resources and investments are used to intentionally divide communities and restructure neighborhood spaces by focusing on and reinstating community control over land. ($4,000)

Plantita Power is a collective led by QTBIPOC that is distributing agricultural resources, hosting regular skills-sharing meet-ups, and growing connections with other food justice advocates throughout D.C. ($8,000)

Positive Productions, Inc‘s mandate is the perpetuation of Black independent voices through the ever-dynamic art of filmmaking, building appreciation for the role of culture in shaping our behavior and our future. ($10,000)

The Save Chinatown Solidarity Network is an AAPI-led grassroots organization working to amplify anti-displacement efforts in Chinatown DC. ($10,000)

Silence Kills is an organization that fosters the ability of all of our members to turn their trauma and pain into power by providing culturally relevant education, resources, community awareness, various modes of expression, and social support. ($10,000)

Sister’s Over-Standing the Struggle is supporting parents in educational advocacy. ($10,000)

TELAS Colectiva Teatral is using popular education and theatrical experiences to transform the historical and present wounds of oppression. ($5,000)

The AntiRacist Table is a collective of Black women who support liberation for members of the global majority through knowledge, healing, and a community of care. ($10,000)

The Caregiver’s D.R.E.A.M. exists to advocate for the well-being of caregivers of children with disabilities. ($8,000)

The Gods Rose is empowering African American and Indigenous communities by reconnecting them with their sacred healing traditions that were lost through the oppression of colonialism. ($5,000)

The Living Well Institute is dedicated to promoting holistic health and well-being in diverse communities through application of natural health practices and indigenous wisdom. ($4,000)

The Metropolis Club has been a safe space for alcoholic and other recovery meetings and sober social activities in Washington, D.C. ($8,000)

The Safe Sisters Circle provides free, culturally specific, trauma informed, holistic services to Black women and girls who have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault primarily living in Wards 7 & 8. ($4,000)

The Sober Living Project is a social impact organization aiming to remove the power from substance abuse addiction and restore it with its rightful owners – the people.  ($4,000)

To Heal DC Community Reporters is an outgrowth and expansion of the WPFW Community Radio Program “To Heal DC”, dedicated to healing DC communities and the world. ($10,000)

TRAPP Stars Inc‘s youth advocacy program focuses on empowering young people to become active and engaged citizens within their communities. ($9,000)

Us, Not Crimnibus is a group of community members and organizers opposing regressive crime bills. ($8,000)

Ward 4 Faith Leaders Against Gun Violence is a group of clergy and laypersons bringing a spiritual dynamic to the efforts to stem the tide of gun violence and restore peace in our community. ($5,000)


Angels of Hope Ministries is a grassroots community service organization that provides awareness, advocacy and outreach programming to/for residents of Anacostia. ($10,000)

Bold Yoga is a community-focused organization that provides healing spaces for youth and individuals impacted by trauma and violence. ($10,000)

DC Justice Lab is a team of law and policy experts researching, organizing, and advocating for large-scale changes to the District of Columbia’s criminal legal system. ($20,000)

East of the River Mutual Aid provides neighbors in Wards 7 and 8 with no-strings support to help meet their basic needs through solidarity, not charity. ($10,000)

Faith for the City has been focused on empowering Black youth and young adults with a growing emphasis on using the arts to tell their story. ($20,000)

Grassroots DC supports activists and organizers in the District of Columbia by providing alternative media coverage of their issues, campaigns and events. ($20,000)

Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid is a grassroots community-led effort that provides a welcome and holistic support to migrants and asylum seekers who are making the DC area their new home. ($25,000)

People for Fairness Coalition is an organization that believes housing is a human right, and is fighting to make that a reality. ($12,500)

Sincere Seven believes in educated activism coupled with socially conscious community building, working on a range of issues from gun violence prevention to wage theft. ($10,000)

SPACEs in Action aims to increase early childhood learning opportunities, access to health equity, local solutions for climate justice, and economic/racial dignity for Black, Latine, and Immigrant communities. ($12,000)

Starting With Today promotes Black wellbeing and liberation through community programs and advocacy training. ($20,000)

The TRIGGER Project‘s mission is to de-normalize and destigmatize gun violence in communities of color in Washington, DC, and across the nation. ($12,000)

Trabajadores Unidos is a non-profit community-based organization fighting for the rights of day laborers, immigrants, migrants, and other low-wage workers in Washington DC. ($20,000)

Washington Digital Media is the production company for the documentary “Ain’t I A Black Woman – Liberation, Lumpkin’s Legacy” which follows the legacy of Mary Lumpkin. ($20,000)

Who Speaks For Me? is an advocacy and activist-driven prison abolition organization working to create alternatives to incarceration. ($10,000)


Advocates for Justice and Education is a parent-led organization committed to empowering DC families, especially those with children and youth with disabilities, to obtain the education and health services their children deserve. ($10,000)

Fair Budget Coalition advocates for budget and public policy initiatives that address systemic social, racial, and economic inequality in the District of Columbia. ($15,000)

Harriet’s Wildest Dreams is a Black-led abolitionist community defense hub centering all Black lives at risk for state-sanctioned violence. ($20,000)

Mothers Outreach Network is a maternal health and advocacy organization that advances the inclusion and empowerment of Black mothers in the struggle for family preservation. ($19,000)

ONE DC is a grassroots community organization that organizes with working class, longtime DC residents to fight against mass evictions, displacement of Black and Brown people out of DC. ($19,500)

WPFW is a local radio station dedicated to education, free speech, peace, social justice, and cross-cultural understanding. ($10,000)