meet our grantees

Through our General Grant Program – Fall Round 2021 – $312,500 was invested into 41 groups, coalitions, and organizations!

General Grant Program - Fall 2021


Cancel Rent Coalition is made up of 12 community organizations, representing thousands of District residents, united to prevent mass eviction and displacement of long-time residents from the District, especially Black and Brown residents, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DC Child Justice Coalition will host a pilot Child Justice Bootcamp for youth self-advocates and/or family caregiver advocates navigating the education, health and human services systems, as well as staff of community-based organizations serving school-aged children and youth.

DC Girls Coalition works to ensure youth of color primarily from the Black community are at the forefront of organizing for issues impacting them.

DC Grassroots Planning Coalition is a vehicle for residents citywide to unite around a shared equitable development agenda and push against the planning, zoning and development practices in the city that have caused the displacement of tens of thousands of Black residents.

East of the River Mutual Aid works to keep our community safe by supporting our neighbors’ basic needs as the next crises of eviction and food insecurity loom while also building a culture of political activism, sustainability, and liberation.

Exploration DC! will create peacebuilding workshops throughout DC for intergenerational participants. (DC High School Alumni Association, Inc., Mi Casa, Inc., University of the District of Columbia)

Fair Budget Coalition’s mission is to advocate for budget and public policy initiatives that seek to address systemic social, racial, and economic inequality in the District of Columbia.

Feeding Wayne Place: As QTBIPOC organizations (SMAYL, Sovereign EarthWorks, and Housing Help Plus) located at Wayne Place our goal is to uplift and support some of the most marginalized folx to take leadership through food sharing, education on food/ land, and opportunities for the community to grow their own food.

Flowers for the Table Collective with Integrative Body Work and Wellness, and Zenit Journals will heal generational trauma through education, mindfulness, journaling, and somatic experiences. In virtual spaces we will support the healing and wellbeing of BIPOC folks impacted by racism in Washington DC.

Girls Empowerment Group will work with a group of Ward 8 girls at-risk of incarceration on conflict resolution skills building, leadership development and mentoring.

Herb and Temple’s “Community Care Program”: Herb and Temple curates programs, gatherings, classes, tools, and workshops that bridge holistic wellness with efforts to build socio-political efficacy. As a coalition the group will work to build the coalition, develop a platform, and create policy.

Remember The Pearl is a growing coalition that exists because of the 1848 attempted escape of 77 enslaved people on the Pearl schooner from the SW Wharf. We work to give this monumental act of human courage in seeking liberation its rightful place in the story of the District and its inhabitants and to inspire entrepreneurial efforts that will benefit the Black African-American population and

The Social Media Conference: The Social Media Conference CAUCUS project is intended to help empower and influence minorities and those in underserved communities by using social media and other resources to address many counterproductive aspects and social ills enhanced by destructive content and influences. Check It Enterprises, Don’t Mute DC, GoGo Museum

Sex Worker Advocates Coaltion (SWAC) exists to work towards the safety and wellbeing of sex workers in D.C.

Youth Activism Project trains and mentors teens throughout DC’s Wards 7 and 8 to build the skills, networks, and resources to lead movements in their communities.


Amara Legal Center provides free trauma-informed legal representation, access to support services, and advocacy for a more equitable legal system for individuals impacted by sex trafficking or involved in sex work in the DC-metro area.

BIPoC TIMBo: Bringing Trauma-responsive Innovations for Mind & Body to BIPOC people.

Black and Indigenous Transgender Safehaus exists because Transgender Adults of Color, particularly when they are multiply marginalized, have difficulty accessing housing in D.C. This project will train our community members to be more effective leaders, while giving them the opportunity to grow, heal, and breathe.

Black Female Executives of Washington brings together African-American women in leadership to share experiences, collaborate, develop, analyze and implement action plans designed to promote the professional advancement of African-American women non-profit leaders in D.C.

Black Lives Matter DC is a member-based abolitionist organization centering Black people most at risk for state violence in DC, creating the conditions for Black Liberation through the abolition of systems and institutions of white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy, and colonialism.

The Butterfly Village provides advocacy, resource connections, legislative recommendations, and community outreach to understand the continual needs of DC children whose parents are currently incarcerated.

CareWorks@Community Homecare Cooperative plans to bring economic empowerment for BIPOC workers and enhance home care service delivery for disenfranchised seniors living in Highland Park—Ward 8.

Community Health Worker Professional Association of DC will work to combat health inequities and strengthen the professional identity and leadership among CHWs; and promote the integration of CHWs into the health care, public health and human service workforce.

Connection C.O.R.E.E. trains returning citizens to organize and advocate around barriers to their success including lack of housing and background checks.

DC Family Childcare Association will create incentives and opportunities for family childcare teachers to “speak up and speak out” by telling their stories to create a presence at in DC policy spaces to resolve issues facing the childcare workforce.

DC Justice Labs is a community-rooted, Black-led, policy and criminal legal advocacy organization promoting decarceration, compassion and giving people the tools and resources they need to thrive.

Fihankra Akoma Ntoaso works with families who have been directly impacted by disenfranchised systems to combat racial injustices. This project will work with youth participants to help them understand about and learn to make a difference in their communities.

Foster and Adoptive Parents Advocacy Center: The FAPAC Racial Equity Program works to shift power to foster youth by providing a platform for them to work alongside foster parents, and policy makers, to identify problems in the child welfare system and conceptualize solutions for change.

The Freedom Community School provides a free education to young Black children living in Southeast DC that invites children to use their whole imagination, their whole mind, and all of their feelings, curiosities, and questions as part of a larger Black liberation movement.

Justice for Brentwood was formed to build the organized ability of Brentwood residents to combat environmental injustices plaguing their community and to specifically oppose a planned school bus terminal.

Momma’s Safe Haven works to organize Black Mothers to advocate for themselves on issues that affect the community such as safety, education, housing, employment and healthcare.

The National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens helps the formerly incarcerated and imprisoned to rebuild and restore their lives through committed advocacy and support.

On the Ground News Production: “On the Ground: Voices of Resistance from the Nation’s Capital” is a Black-led weekly social justice radio news magazine.

People for Fairness Coalition promotes and elevates the voice of lived experience persons who are unhoused. PFF uses organizing, direct action, outreach, and other strategies to advance Universal Housing rights, public restrooms, anti-discrimination, and memorialization.

ROE The Agency: Fashion Over Opioids” is an interactive way to use fashion and arts to address and spread awareness about substance abuse particularly with teens.

Sadiki Educational Safari seeks to elevate, celebrate and empower young people through the art, history and culture of Africa.

Trabajadores Unidos de Washington DC: advocates for workers rights, fights wage theft violations, builds leadership among immigrant workers. Radio Jornalera is a community-focused local media outlet for DC’s low-income, undocumented and excluded population.

Tumaini DC, INC is an innovative, culturally responsive trauma-informed, ant-racist, social-emotional learning curriculum, including a social justice project, that gives middle and high school students the tools to thrive.

Voices Unbarred amplifies the voices of those impacted by incarceration. We are a community of theater practitioners working directly with people currently and formerly incarcerated in the DC metro area to reimagine the prison system.

WANDA- Women Advancing Nutrition Dietetics and Agriculture is a women-led social justice 501c3 organization based in DC’’s Ward 8 community working to grow a new crop of food sheroes from farm to health across the African Diaspora.

Your New Beginnings: The DC Inner Voices for DC Citizens provides incarcerated DC residents located throughout the country with a weekly newsletter with updates on available programs and services as individuals are preparing to return home.