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Through our Spring/Summer 2023 General Grant Program, we invested $373,300 in 57 groups, coalitions, and organizations, leading 57 grassroots community-led projects engaging communities in mobilizing, advocacy & organizing, and healing justice.

General Grant Program - SPRING/SUMMER 2023


Advocates for Justice and Education, Inc  empowers families, youth, and the community to be effective advocates for youth education and health services. [$5,000]

Amigos Park Coalition’s goal is to make the city follow through on their promise to create a new park space at the corner of Mt. Pleasant and Kenyon St NW. [$5,000]

Anais Jovan LLC/Concentric Community Care aims to defeat the Black Maternal Health Crisis by building a community to advocate and create policy changes. [$5,000]

Ateya Productions, LLC (HoodSmart: The Urban STEMulus Project) is a project designed to instruct youth on how to think critically about the music they listen to, how it influences their life, and how to engage elected officials to advocate for changes. [$5,000]

Cease Fire Don’t Smoke the Brothers & Sisters’ mission is to end violence committed by at-risk youth, and to mentor at-risk youth and ex-prisoners. [$2,000]

Decoding Dyslexia DC is a grassroots movement driven by DC families concerned about the limited access to educational interventions for students with dyslexia. [$5,000]

EightFold Farms DC LLC uses urban agriculture to directly combat the causes of food apartheid through jobs, education, and advocacy. [$5,000]

Golden Doors Respite, Inc provides low-barrier shelter, referral services, and political education for underrepresented communities with a focus on Black and Brown LGBTQ+ people. [$5,000]

Greenleaf Gardens Community Development Corporation’s goal is to enhance the lives of residents of the Greenleaf public housing by providing them with the tools needed for community building and family empowerment. [$2,000]

Harriet’s Wildest Dreams provides trainings to observe local DC court proceedings and document our city’s policies in action, and to hold judicial actors accountable for injustice in the courts. [$5,000]

Hillcrest Community Civic Association’s objective is to maintain the prominently African American neighborhood’s identity in the face of gentrification. [$5,000]

I SAW DC! engages African American DC youth as community stakeholders in shaping a direction and vision on how to use history as the power of our presence against a perpetual endangered status. [$5,000]

L.O.O.P. INC.’s “Violence Disruptors” proactively engage with at-risk community members and utilize mentorship, counseling, and conflict resolution techniques to address potential violence before it occurs. [$2,000]

Legacy Collaborative Senior Village seeks to train Ward 8 seniors in Washington Highland on advocacy to empower them to promote inclusion, leverage age-friendly supports and solutions, and improve their quality of life. [$5,000]

Light To Life seeks ways to engage their network of women and gender non-conforming people who are justice-impacted survivors. [$5,000]

Madre Tierra Organización de Mujeres Latinas Inmigrantes en DC, MD, VA will host healing workshops and political education for immigrant Latina women survivors of gender-based violence. [$5,000]

Mothers Outreach Network is creating a new Mom’s Leadership Group to engage in organizing/advocacy efforts, writing and/or storytelling projects, and plan community building events. [$5,000]

Mount Zion – Female Union Band Society Historic Memorial Park focuses on the recognition of our Ancestors and choices they had to make during their respective lives and how they transitioned. [$5,000]

National African-American Neighborhood Homeowners and Tenants Advocate’s goal is to advocate on behalf of the Black community through a Visual Arts and Information Campaign aimed at tackling gentrification. [$2,000]

NetRising is advocating for and building for a digital ecosystem serving District residents that is rooted and powered by the community. [$5,000]

On Muvas Mutual Aid is a mutual aid organization mobilizing and serving young mothers and sex workers (primarily strippers) between the ages of 14-30. [$5,000]

Opportunities for Deserving Children is promoting democracy and ensuring that the voices of young people are heard in the political decision-making process in Wards 7 & 8. [$5,000]

People Power Action is an organizing and advocacy group of currently and formerly unhoused individuals fighting against gentrification, displacement, and homelessness in DC. [$5,000]

Police Out of Transportation Coalition is seeking to build community support for traffic safety alternatives to police, with a specific focus on routine traffic enforcement. [$4,000]

Rhythm for Recovery strives to make indigenous instruments and instruction, esp. African arts, more accessible and available as therapeutic alternatives and approaches in Washington, DC movements. [$5,000]

Rooted & Sustained’s Camp Oro lle provides Black youth a space to learn agricultural skills that tackle the food shortage experienced by their communities while also developing the skills to address policy change. [$5,000]

Sadiki Educational Safari, Inc’s mission is to elevate and empower young people through the art, history and culture of Africa through a Black trade-unionism lens. [$4,300]

Sincere Seven’s goal is to put an end to gun violence. [$5,000]

Social Art and Culture wants to center Black youth’s education around the rich history of their ancestors’ contribution to STEM fields through creativity and the arts. [$5,000]

SPACEs In Action role is to fuse the power of organized people, bold ideas, and political clout to create an economy and democracy where everyone has the freedom to thrive. [$5,000]

Starting With Today (SWT) provides Black wellbeing and liberation community services through two main programs – The Shape Up and #MyHairAppt. [$5,000]

STTP Productions is a video interview series that raises awareness and encourages advocacy through conversation. [$5,000]

 The BFLY Village will create an initiative to ensure every DC resident who is currently incarcerated has the required documentation and information to vote in upcoming elections. [$5,000]

The Community Enrichment Project is launching the “DC Youth Public Leadership and Action Incubator” to teach youth about social justice and prepare them for public leadership. [$5,000]

The Green Scheme’s Ward 8 Water Watchers program teaches youth and their families about water quality and how to preserve and restore the water bodies surrounding them. [$5,000]

The Living Well Institute leads healing circles for organizers, violence interrupters, and justice instigators to enable them to heal, release, and be supported in their work. [$5,000]

The Third Hand is fighting for the rights of people of color and indigenous people in Washington. [$2,000]

The TRIGGER Project’s mission is to prevent interpersonal gun violence through the intersection of public health and positive youth development, advocacy, and organizing. [$5,000]

Trabajadores Unidos de Washington DC’s Immigrant Civic Education & Voting Rights Project is aimed at increasing awareness and engagement of immigrants with local issues. [$5,000]

Washington Digital Media is producing a documentary with Mary Lumpkin as a touchstone for the project, shining a light on Black women whose work addresses the many negative affects of systemic racism. [$4,000]

Women Advancing Nutrition Dietetics and Agriculture (WANDA) is mobilizing a grassroots campaign for the passage of a Food Bill of Rights by the DC Council. [$5,000]

WPFW Pacifica Radio is serving DC’s social justice organizations by creating a system for the acceptance and assistance in production of broadcast quality public service announcements. [$5,000]


Afro-Culture People’s Coalition is establishing a base of operations for their member groups from which to direct actions and campaigns. [$6,000]

DC Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression (DCAARPR or DC Alliance) is organizing for the passage of legislation to establish an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council that holds police officers accountable. [$15,000]

DC Guaranteed Income Coalition (DCGIC) is a network committed to achieving a permanent guaranteed income program in Washington, DC. [$6,000]

DC Immigrant Justice Platform highlights the interconnectedness of immigrant struggles and combine efforts to build a more equitable future together. [$11,500]

DC LGBTQ+ Budget Coalition advocates for funding that supports LGBTQ+ residents with a focus on trans people of color and low-income residents. [$11,500]

DC Safety Squad models compassionate care for and by community, demonstrating that a world without police is possible. [$15,000]

Fair Budget Coalition is developing community-guided recommendations for FY25 and conducting community organizing to implement recommendations. [$15,000]

Healing Outlet Collaborator Coalition is building a community-centered app that will connect D.C. residents and youth affected by gun violence with grassroots supports. [$12,500]

My Brothers United for Black Community Healing’s goal is to heal and transform the Black community from the effects of what 400 years of slavery has done. [$10,000]

People for Fairness Coalition will continue with their Women’s Initiative to empower homeless women through life skills training and support in using their voices. [$15,000]

The Creative School // Easy123 Coalition host an intergenerational gathering to honor the life of Karon Brown and other youth from SE who are gone too soon because of gun violence. [$15,000]

The Healing Coalition organizes The Week of Healing, a 7-day citywide event that brings the community together for a holistic healing experience. [$12,500]

To Heal DC will spotlight youth voices in Wards 4-8 on the show’s three pillars: healing ourselves, healing our communities, and healing the nation. [$9,000]

Young Voices is training multicultural youth on how to engage in discussions regarding their daily existence and propose solutions related to the issues they face. [$15,000]

Youth Voice is hosting the Third Annual Positive Shop Talk to empower youth to change the narrative of youth violence through care, advocacy, and positive conversation. [$12,000]



Empower DC 

Black Swan Academy

Business Technology Career Center (BTCC)

Fair Budget Coalition

Grassroots DC

Harriet’s Wildest Dreams

Justice for Brentwood

Mothers Outreach Network, Inc 

People Power Action (PPA)

The Butterfly Village Inc 

Who Speaks for Me? 


The Woodberry Project

The DC Child Justice Coalition

People for Fairness Coalition

The DC Safety Team


This special round aimed to support current and prior Diverse City Fund grantees doing deep mobilizing, advocacy, and organizing leading policy campaigns and movements. Spring 2022 grantees were eligible to apply.