🗓️ Grantee Calendar 🗓️

We’re thrilled to share that DC Fund has launched a brand new feature on our website: The Diverse City Fund Grantee Calendar!

The Grantee Calendar isn’t just a platform to highlight the incredible work that our grantees are leading across the city; it’s also a space to showcase the interconnectedness of our fights and efforts in DC. We firmly believe that by spotlighting the diversity of initiatives and events within our community, we can inspire collaboration, solidarity, and meaningful change.

We warmly invite you to explore the Grantee Calendar and discover opportunities to support and connect with fellow grantees. Whether it’s a workshop, rally, fundraiser, or any other event, we encourage you to attend and participate in these inspiring gatherings.

Join us in celebrating and supporting our community’s initiatives by visiting the Grantee Calendar today!

If you are a grantee who is interested in adding any event(s) to our calendar, please email our comms intern Jaqui ( so she can share more about the process!