Grant Process

The Diverse City Fund challenges the traditional model of philanthropy in which wealthy donors typically make funding decisions. Instead our grantmaking decisions are made by a diverse group of community organizers, activists and cultural workers who live in or near DC and identify as people of the global majority known as the Grantmaking Teams.

Our grantmaking process includes:

  • The Board of Instigators organizes a grantmaking program, sets the due dates and offers public information sessions.
  • Staff provide applicants with support as needed.
  • A Grantmaking Team of 15-20 reviewers is assembled.
  • The Grantmaking Team evaluates applications and awards grants and grant amounts.
  • Staff notify grantees typically 2-3 months after the application due date and provide any necessary paperwork and the award check.

To better understand this process visit our How We Make Change page.

Interested in participating in a Grantmaking Team?
Learn more on our Get Involved page.