Get Involved

The Diverse City Fund is a volunteer-led effort and we are always interested in connecting with new people. Curious about joining or supporting our efforts?

Here are a few ways you may be able to engage with the DC Fund:

Participate in a Grantmaking team

Collaborate with 15-20 other local activists to review grant applications and help the DC Fund determine grantees. Potential Grantmaking Team members are DC residents who:

  • 1.Identify as persons of color
  • 2.Currently work (professionally or as a volunteer) as local social justice activists or organizers
  • 3. Can commit to a Spring and Fall two-day weekend review retreat
  • 4. Read and review 15-20 proposals

No prior review experience is necessary and a stipend is provided for participating.
Please fill out this interest form to be considered for a future Grantmaking Team Review Session.

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take Part in a Committee

The DC Fund committees are groups made up of Board of Instigator members and volunteers. Each committee works on achieving a set of goals that helps our group flourish. Potential Committee members are DC area residents who:

  • 1.Are interested and/or have skills in community building, communications, fundraising, grantmaking or financial management
  • 2. Can commit to at least a year of volunteering, with an average of 1-3 hours of participation per month including committee meetings

No prior experience is necessary to participate in a committee. Please fill out this form to express interested in participating in a committee in the future.

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join the board of instigators

The Board of Instigators is the main governing body of the DC Fund. Every fall the group decides if new Instigators will be recruited for the following year. Nominees are often recruited from our Grantmaking Teams, Committees or Grantees. Interested in becoming an Instigator? Please consider first engaging with the DC Fund through one of our other opportunities.

become a donor

Individual donors are a big part of what makes the DC Fund and our work possible. Consider becoming a monthly or annual contributor.