Affirmations and Recommendations by the Compass Council

At the beginning of 2023, Diverse City Fund formed the inaugural Compass Council, an advisory council made up of Board of Instigator members, Grantmaking Team members, and grantee partners that comes together for a limited time and purpose-specific reason to be a compass in DC Fund’s growth journey. The affirmations and recommendations made by the Compass Council were pivotal to the design of our 2024 programs.

Compass Council members were invited by the Executive Director informed by recommendation from the Board of Instigators and community leaders. In a series of meetings between Mach 2023 and June 2023, the Compass Council assessed the organization’s current programs and offered recommendations to make DC Fund programs even more responsive to our communities’ short-term and long-term needs. Each Compass Council member received a stipend, with the exception of Board of Instigator members.

Below are key affirmations and recommendations from the Compass Council:

  • Continue funding root cause work and continue deepening DC Fund’s understanding of this work to address systemic issues. 
  • Separate funding pots to create equity among groups just getting started and more established groups. 
  • Recognize that DC Fund cannot be everything to all groups, and that’s okay. Helping groups getting started and groups that are more established does not need to be mutually exclusive. However, DC Fund needs to find the right balance.
  •  Consider providing a fund grantees can access outside grant cycles to address emerging needs. 

We are grateful to the Compass Council for their leadership, affirmations and recommendations. With their support, we redesigned our programs to strengthen and sustain a vibrant ecosystem of racial and social justice work by more intentionally supporting DC’s Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) groups.